Owners and General Managers

How much revenue does our hotel generate compared to the competing group? Where is the hidden potential for increasing profitability? How to adjust the business model to achieve the best result? Leave the conference room or transform it for another purpose - which strategy to choose?
ADR, Occ, TRevPEC, TRevPAR - indicators for the analysis of current operational activity and development of development strategy.

Revenue managers, commercial directors

At what rate to sell today?
Why did we lower the tariff and sales did not increase?
Reduced the tariff, sold the numbers but the competitors collecting cream at higher tariffs?

Fill in the data on a daily basis, receive honest information in a timely manner and make informed decisions


Which hotel to invest in, a three-star hotel, a luxury hotel, a business hotel or a farmstead in a ski resort?

In order to calculate the NPV of the project, Investors analyze future investment projects and pay attention, first of all, to the indicators: RevPAR, ADR, Occ, GOPPar, TRevPEC, EBITDA, and forecast forecasts are compared with indicators by industry.

Who owns the information, he owns the world
(Mayer Amschel Rothschild)


Focus on real market demand

Analyze your performance in terms of the market and quickly adapt solutions to the business environment

See the real picture of your competitor's ADR

Evaluate your pricing strategy. Identify segments and niches where the hotel can earn more

In the course, what income per guest from key services receives a competitive group

Identify the strengths and growth areas of the hotel and implement marketing solutions

HotelMatrix provides analytical data of the hotel market of Ukraine

KPI - key performance indicators of the hotel


The first of the hotel's three key KPIs. Occupancy shows the percentage of rooms sold relative to those available for sale over a period of time.
It is important to monitor this data daily to analyze and forecast demand and calculate the best rate of the day for each guest segment.


ADR is the average daily rate. The second important indicator that can give us information about what pricing policy the hotel applies.
Comparing the ADR of the hotel with the ADR of a competing group, you can draw conclusions about your pricing policy: your rates are inflated, understated, or go at the pace of the group.
It is important to analyze ADR in pair with Occ.


RevPAR (revenue per available room) is one of the most common financial indicators to assess how effective a hotel is. RevPAR shows how much revenue from room sales is available for each available number. RevPAR is analyzed when defining strategy and making investment decisions. Comparing RevPAR with the average for a competitive group, you get effective information about the further development of the business model implemented by your hotel.


TREVPAR stands for total revenue per room.
This is the KPI, which calculates the hotel's gross revenue per available room. While RevPar takes into account only the income from the number of rooms.


TREVPEC stands for total revenue per customer.
KPI for calculating the total income received per guest.


RevPath is a calculation to determine the profitability of SPA, which will help to look at income from another point of view, given the need to "rotate" the treatment rooms during the day. It is very similar to RevPath for Rooms. This helps the SPA manager manage time more efficiently.


RevPASH (Revenue per Available Seat Huor) - the average income per seat for the period in money, which can be calculated as the distribution of income from the sale of food and beverages by the number of seats and hours worked.


This is the KPI for hotels that have their own premises for conferences and banquets. The efficiency of the sales department is calculated on the income per available square meter of banquet space.

HotelMatrix: be informed about market perfomance

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